Beautiful Uninhabited Islands!

by Mauro

Beautiful Uninhabited Islands in the World

Beautiful Uninhabited Islands in the World

Buongiorno, ho visto questo fantastico video e mi è venuta un gran voglia di trascorrere una vacanza in questi luoghi. Vorrei sapere se c'è qualche isola non abitata in cui si possa trovare una abitazione (anche molto essenziale) per trascorrere un periodo di vacanza.

Siamo 2 famiglie con 6 bimbi che vorremmo fare una vacanza "essenziale"... se avete informazioni da darmi potete contattarmi all'email (deleted for security and privacy)

Grazie e buona giornata.


Translation from Italian into English

Good morning, I saw this fantastic video and I came up with a great desire to spend a holiday in these places.

I would like to know if there is any non-inhabited island where you can find a house (also very essential) to spend a vacation period. We have 2 families with 6 children who would like to take a vacation "essential" If you have any information for me, please contact me at email (deleted for security and privacy)

Thanks and good day.


Comments on Uninhabited beautiful island

Thanks for you entry and your question. We appreciate it. You wrote your comments and asked your question in Italian. Well, I am not perfect in this language although I have some Italian friends. One of those friends is an artist and cameraman whom I interviewed about 20 years ago in English and he replied in Italian.

If I understood you right you were asking the following question: Is there any uninhabited island in the world to get a house and enjoy vacation on it?

This is interesting questions. There are some uninhabited islands in the world and they are called also desert islands.

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A visitor swings to splash-down on an uninhabited tropical atoll--the islands of Palmyra
Randy Olson
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The desert islands, or the uninhabited islands have always been great locations for writers, poets, painters, movie instructors and some other scientists. Some of those uninhabited islands are privately owned and others are protected as natural reserves.

You should also note that some small coral atolls where there is not fresh water could be uninhabited islands. Here are some uninhabited islands and I hope that I'll be able to cover them on details later.

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Baughagello Island, South Huvadhoo Atoll, Southern Maldives, Indian Ocean
Stuart Westmorland
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Here are the beautiful uninhabited islands you were looking for. Some of them are not beautiful though and could be dangerous:

Blasket Islands are at the western coast of Ireland and they form part of County Kerry. They were inhabited by Irish before and the inhabitants are now living in Ireland.

Bouvet Island is a Norwegian volcanic uninhabited island in the south Atlantic Ocean.

Clipperton Island is a carol atoll at the southwest of Mexico and west of Costa Rica on the eastern Pacific Ocean.

Groais Island is beautiful uninhabited island in the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador at the east of the Atlantic Ocean in Canada. Fishermen use it on their fishing trips on the waters around the area.

Heard Island and McDonald Islands are are volcanic of barren Antarctic islands and they belong to the Antarctic Devision of the Department of the Environment and Heritage in Australia.

Inaccessible Island is beautiful uninhabited volcanic island at the south Atlantic Ocean and southwest of Tristan da Cunha, which is part of the overseas territory of Britain.

Isle Royale is part of the state of Michigan at the southwest of Lake Superior, which is the the largest of the Great Lakes in North America.

Jaco Island is beautiful uninhabited island in the Lesser Sunda Islands group at the east of Timor and is part of of Tutuala, which is a subdistrict in Lautém District.

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Schooling Damselfish, North Huvadhoo Atoll, Southern Maldives, Indian Ocean
Stuart Westmorland
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Small Uninhabited Island in Great Barrier Reef National Park
Tim Laman
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