Bellamar Caves, Cuba!

There are some beautiful cities in Matanzas Province in Cuba. Among the beautiful places in Cuba is the area of the Cuevas de Bellamar or the Bellamar Caves. Here are some lines about the Bellamar Caves, beautiful places in Matanzas Province and in Cuba behind the links.

Beauty is a varied concept between people from different cultural backgrounds. Even ugly scenes in nature could be beautiful in the eyes of some people. There is always a controversial point of view regarding the concept of beauty.

However, the simplicity of life could also make some places beautiful. There are no contradictions in this matter, whatsoever between the local people in those beautiful cities in Matanzas Province, or in other under developed cities. They look to their cities as beautiful as they want them to be; at least on their eyes.

According to this simple understanding, the high speed of modern life or development is not an issue to define the beauty of some places. This is simply because every development has its ugly face sometimes and it never becomes a measure to see whether these places are beautiful or not.

The national love of the beautiful cities in Matanzas and to each other has also an influence to design the way the public look to their cities admiring the simple tempo of life and the open social relations between people in some places.

Here are the most beautiful cities in Matanzas Province. Let's know whether you consider them beautiful or not, providing reasons that inspire your point of view. Use the form. Thanks.

The Beautiful City of Matanzas:

More information about the beautiful Matanzas City is at this link. However, here's some more information not found at the provided link.

Cuevas de Bellamar or the Bellamar Caves are about 5 kilometres from Matanzas, 40 kilometres from Varadero and 96 kilometres from Havana. They stand there near the centre of the capital city of the province since almost 3 centuries.

A Chinese worker who was one of the employees of Don Manual Santos Parga discovered the caves in 1861 and they are now among the best tourist attractions in Cuba.

The crystalline and the stalagmites and stalactites of the Bellamar Caves stretch to a distance of 2.5 kilometres at the southeast of Matanzas, overlooking Matanzas Bay.

There are fine natural formation of crystal and coloured rocks and edges of rocks, some of which are sharp and underground stream inside the caves. Visitors find also restaurants, pool and playground outside the caves.

Tourists take regular excursions and arrive to the caves of Bellamar from Matanzas and other resorts in the island. Buses run from Matanzas daily and sometimes there are seven tours daily crossing to other towns and stopping near the caves to drop visitors to this area.

Arriving to the caves by small cars is easy. The railway tunnel passes through near the caves from the central station to Guanabana and other towns.

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