Faiakes Municipality, Corfu!

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The Municipality of Faiakes, Faiakon or Feakes Municipality stretches to 54 square kilometres and there are 6,488 inhabitants in the entire municipality. The seat of the municipality is Ypsos / Ipsos and it has 824 inhabitants.

The other populated towns in the municipality are Kato Korakiana, Ano Korakiana, Kato Agios Markos and Spartylas or Spartilas. It is difficult to have a Greek name translated to English perfectly. See beautiful towns in Corfu and Beautiful Corfu Town - Comments.

Pheacians, Feakes and Kerkyra are the old names and Corfu or Korfu are the new used for the island. People knew the Island as Feakes during the ancient times and Homer mentioned it in his works.

Historical sites in the Municipality of Faiakes are the Palace of Elisabeth of Bavaria. The empress of Austria and queen of Hungary, the spouse of Francis Joseph I was known as Sissi and the palace is known as Sissi's Palace.

She built the palace in Feakes in the late 19th century and gave it the name of the Achilleion Palace referring to the hero Achilles in Homer's Iliad. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elisabeth_of_Bavaria for more details.

Video Clip from Beautiful Limni, Liapades Beach!

There are some beautiful beaches in the municipality along the northeastern coast and beautiful hotels such as Oscar Hotel, Chandris Hotel and Yannis Hotel. See beautiful beaches and beautiful hotels in Corfu.

The most populated towns in the Municipality of Faiakes are Agios Markos, Kato Korakiana, Ano Korakiana, Ypsos, Kato Agios Markos and Spartylas, some of which have beautiful beaches in Corfu Island.

Read about beautiful towns and villages in the Municipality of Faiakes either through the comment link below or on the Beautiful Corfu Island

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