Thinalio Municipality, Corfu!

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The Municipality of Thinalio, Thinalians, Thinalion or Thinali occupies 78 square kilometres at the north and the northwest of the Island of Corfu, overlooking the Voreio Steno Kerkiras / Kerkyra Northern Strait.

It is the largest municipality in land area, neighbouring the Municipality of Kassopaia, Kassopei or Kassopea at the east, the Municipality of Esperion or Esperii at the west, the Municipality of Feakes at the south and the Municipality of Agios Georgios at the southwest.

There are 5,512 inhabitants in the municipality, 756 of them are in the seat of the municipality, Nymfes. See it here at Beautiful Towns in Corfu. The largest towns in the municipality by the numbers of inhabitants are Acharavi and Episkepsis or Episkepsi.

Green municipality like the other municipalities in the island, but the olive oil here dominates and makes the economy although the main agricultural products that have good share in making the economy of the municipality of Thinali are walnuts, kumquats and citrus.

Some beautiful towns in the Municipality of Thinalio, which belongs to Corfu prefecture, are close to each other and they hang up in the heights in the area of Mount Pantokrator. Orchards of fruits and olive trees cover the municipality and it has beautiful sea resorts such as the resorts of Roda, Acharavi / Aharavi and Sidari / Sidhari.

Different translations to these Greek names for some places you see here give any place of them the names with variation in some letters. Therefore, it is difficult to see a Greek place by one name except perhaps Athens, Olympia and other few names. Even Athens sometimes appears written as Athena.

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Video Clip from Beautiful Klimatia Village in Thinalion Municipality, Corfu!

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