Beautiful Greek Letters!

The following beautiful Greek letters are from my friend Chryssanthi of Kefalonia, you might have read here. Many pages include some excerpts of Chryssanthi's letters.

You can read the rest of the beautiful Greek letters on the first page, this page and on the comment pages associated with those two pages. If you have some ideas to write beautiful letters yourself, you are welcome to do that through the form at Ancient Greek Culture.


I am doing fine. I have been to Kefalonia. It is a very beautiful island, and my village is very peaceful and it is still a village. It is a very good period now to be there. No much heat and not so many people, which make it easier to have a nice chat with friends and relatives.

I plan to go back by the end of July. I have thought of certain things that I could do for you. One of them is to talk with a couple who own a canteen near the Avithos Lake. They prepare very good sweets and food and they live there permanently. They also own an oil press.

Then, at the other end of the village, there is a "psistaria", which is a place where they prepare roasted meat of different types.

There is also, as people know it a place where shepherds used to pasture their sheep and kettles. A few years ago, an uncle of mine restarted this work, mostly as a way to gather the family.

Now he owns various animals and some others relatives, even ones who live in the States slowly gather near him with their own animals.

They go together prepare traditional food, talk, and tell jokes. More and more relatives go there and they have feasts, food and drink. Children go there too. My son and a nephew of mine are also interested and they "train" to become shepherds.

Another place is the restaurant of another relative with very good food in Poros, the second port of Kefalonia.

Finally, there is a presentation of some children of my village about Kefalonia before the earthquake. I can also send you pictures of the old village.

Ah, if that interests you, I can also present the library, which I founded with the help of the children of the village, talk about them and their work. In the library, there are also some books in foreign languages, which tourists could borrow.

That is all that I thought of for the moment, and it is in the range of my possibilities. I do not know if all this interests you. If it does, you should write a questionnaire and tell me if you need any pictures.

I hope my ideas will be helpful.

Kefalonia, the Beach at Antisamos
Kefalonia, the Beach at Antisamos
Ian West
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