Chryssanthi of Kefalonia!

This is a tribute to my friend Chryssanthi of Kefalonia! Her messages are inspiring and of course, my friend has brilliant ideas. Therefore, I intended to build this page for her.

You may find it with all the messages and comments interesting. If so, please do interact with the website and begin with the pages attributed to Chryssanthi and Kefalonia. Many thanks.

By the way, I do not know what the name Chryssanthi means. Many names have meanings and I have not asked my friend yet. So, do you know what the name Chryssanthi means? If so, please do use the comment link at the bottom to answer this question.

However, Chryssanthi brings my attention to "Chrysanthemum". This flower, as you knew is a beautiful flower, known as the gold flower. Nevertheless, the name might have a different meaning.

The following is the first letter I have received in 29/12/2010 from my friend Chryssanthi of Kefalonia:

"Thanks for inviting me to the Greek tweeting list. I will certainly join shortly. What a coincidence! You know what the island of my origin is. Well, it is Kefalonia. I come from a beautiful mountainous village 13 km from Sami.

And of course, one day I will write about it.

What about you? Have you ever visited Kefalonia or you just write from other people's experiences?

The pseudonym "talkative" and the picture are yours, aren't they? Well, in a way you look like a Cefalonian. A witty look in the eyes, and, of course, the pseudonyme." (She meant Pen Name).

Still Life Photograph, Chrysanthemum Flowers
Still Life Photograph, Chrysanthemum Flowers
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Excerpts from the second Greek letter:

"As you already knew, Greece has a great cultural wealth that we Greeks are not conscious of it. Somebody said that if Greeks were conscious of the spiritual and cultural wealth they own Greece would be a cultural Superpower.

Have you ever listened to Byzantine chant?

Do you know anything about the ecclesiastic poetry?

It is of a superb literary beauty. Of course, one needs to know Greek, starting from ancient Greek to the Greek of Hellenistic times.

Even so, I believe that even without understanding the words, this poetry enveloped by the Byzantine music (like an inseparable whole) can form the consciousness of the people who listen to it, even if they are illiterate, as it happened with our parents and grandparents.

Greece is in economical decadence right now. From the economical point of view, this is hard. But, there are still people and places that make me shudder due to their height of art and spiritual depth.

Where do you live right now? In Sudan? Do you have a family? What do you do for living?

As for me, I am married and have two children, a bright 24 daughter who works as a teacher in a primary school, and a boy of 12; very clever and very Cefalonian if you knew the character (stubborn)".

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Kefalonia, the Beach at Antisamos
Kefalonia, the Beach at Antisamos
Ian West
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