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Jun 22, 2011

Pastra is a village on the slope of the mountain, not particularly picturesque and you can see the sea only from some spots.

It is mostly a crossing for the village of Marcopoulo, which is quite famous. As I have written, for what is very special is the miracle that happens there.

Jun 22, 2011
Chryssanthi of Cephalonia!

Here are some excerpts from the letters Chryssanthi of Cephalonia has written in the period between 3/1/2011 and 16/5/2011. For other long messages, please see beautiful Greek letters and the comments on those pages.


At the moment, I am in Athens, and I have been quite busy seeing friends, expositions and doing some sort of business.

For the first subject you have asked me about, that is the village of Pastra, you just pushed a button. It is a lovely little village, but what is special about it is the miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary whom I venerate.

I can certainly give you some information, but I would also like to send you a picture and it will take me some time to find it when I come back to Patras. Do you mind?

If you are in a hurry just tell me and I will send you all the information I can find, without the picture, as soon as possible.


How are you? I am just writing to say that I have not forgotten you. Just today, I saw the friend who has the picture I wanted to send you together with some information about the village of Pastra. She is having her PC fixed and then she will scan the picture and send it to me.

I hope you are doing well. The situation in your neighbouring country is getting nasty isn't it? I was wondering how much tension can be hidden in an apparently peaceful society that suddenly bursts out with such a violence.


In Greece, we say that if somebody about whom we are thinking or talking comes up, it means that he will live a thousand of years. Imagine if I would be the case?

Meanwhile I have collected some information on the village of Pastra in Greek and I have found some English ones too. If you still want this information please tell me and I will summarise it for you.

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