Greek Worldwide Influence!

I thought of the Greek worldwide influence not only because I read much about it, but mainly because I personally had some experiences with Greek medical treatments in my childhood.

This in turn influenced the page about Kos worldwide influence.

It is interesting new information about Kos worldwide Influence! You might consider it somewhat useful for good scholar research project and use it to help you conduct your research.

If you did, please do give me a credit by mentioning this page on your research as a source of useful educational information.

I noticed in many countries I visited and lived for some long years that people treat illnesses by using almost similar methods to Greek medical treatments made by Hippocrates. Personally, I remember one medical treatment I had to cure dysentery.

The sister in Malta Clinic (who was my best friend) took the prescription the Italian doctor wrote to the pharmacy of the clinic to give me the medicine.

However, she hesitated at the last moment, returned the doses to the shelves, said to me that I should take garlic every morning before taking any meal, and then I should wait for at least half an hour. She suggested that I take full spoon of bee honey after the garlic.

It was very interesting; because I remembered at that moment while she told me so, my father used to bring me pure bee honey from the local herb store. I got dysentery at the age of 7 or 8. I remembered also that, my father took me the first time I got it to a Greek medicine doctor in the city.

Surprisingly, the sister in Malta Clinic was Italian.

Now with the reflections of those memories, the Greek worldwide influence or Kos worldwide Influence could apparently be something to think of and research.

Hippocrates Greek Medical
Hippocrates Greek Medical
Franceso Sesone

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