Massai-Mara Natural Reserve!

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Where in the world is the Massai-Mara Natural Reserve? You may ask.

Well, the Massai-Mara Natural Reserve, in pure non-fiction, is in Kenya. There is another one by another name in Tanzania. I said another one by another name, because although the tribes are different, but I look to them as from one African origin.

The Nature Parks of the MASSAI MARA Kenya are spreading in the Massai Mara region, although there is no geographical location by this name, precisely. However, the Massai Mara Nature Reserve is the most famous and most visited nature and game reserve in Kenya.

Ninety-five varieties of mammals roam its paradise-like terrain. There are also around five hundred different species, which is pleasure for bird-lovers to watch. An estimated 1.4 million gnus live on the reserve.

In addition, there are around 550,000 gazelle, 200,000 zebra and 64,000 impala. Visitors actually find comfortable furnished accommodation; the Massai style in the nature reserve and a range of fascinating safaris.

At the beginning of the dry season in July and August, the gnu's annual migration from the Serengeti takes place when, with a tumultuous din, countless thousands of animals fight their way through river torrents until they reach the lush vegetation of the Massai Mara.

The Massai exist by breeding cattle and throughout the year, these semi-nomads move through the savannah seeking out fresh pasture for their herds. The Massai live in 'kraals', low, igloo-shaped huts erected only by the females of the tribe and made from twigs, grass and a mixture of cow dung and mud.

They divide the huts into a children's room where the young Massai spend the night with newborn calves and lambs, and a combined living and sleeping area, they use that for cooking.

The Massai-Mara Natural Reserve is home to crocodiles, hippos, giraffes, hyenas, lions, leopards, buffalo and elephants. Many nature resources consider it as the most species-rich savannahs grassland on Earth.

Its legendary wilderness provides a fascinating glimpse into a wonder world of nature, a remarkable harmony of wild animals and wonderful landscapes beneath huge African skies.

Africa's largest wildlife spectacular gives its visitors an abundance of exciting adventures and countless unforgettable moments.

Here's more information abot MASSAI MARA NATURAL RESERVE in Kenya.

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