White Massai!

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The White Massai (Die Weisse Massai) movie, starring the Swiss stars Nina Hoss and Jacky Ido and directed by Hermine Huntgeburth is about love story between two people from different cultures.

The producer made the movie in 2005, based on a novel by the same title written by Corinne Hofmann on the background of a real love story of one Swiss woman and a Masai from Kenya.

Carola (Nina Hoss) had a crush on the Maasai Lemalian from the first look while she was in tour with her boyfriend to Kenya. The Masai Samburu attracted her by his eyes, black brighten skin, white tooth and the cultural styled fashion he wore. His looks fascinated her.

He helped her and her boy friend to be safe from some gangsters and to reach their destiny. She broke with her boyfriend to track Lemalian to his homeland and travelled more than 13 hours to reach a place where another European woman lived with another Kenyan.

Lemalian came there and took her to his homeland deep in Kenya. She managed to live in hard conditions and to open a store and give birth to a child. Lemalian became jealous of her new business relationship and began to act stupidly, so some problems happened until she could not bear it any more.

She decided to take her daughter (the White Massia) and travel home to Swiss, without exposing her real desire. She only told him about her desire to have a vacation and to take the child to her family in Swiss to see her. She asked him for the documents needed to travel in vacation to her homeland with the child.

What has happened to her and her child?

Here is the complete uncensored movie of The White Massai and the novel, "The White Masai: My Exotic Tale of Love and Adventure". Some shows from it are below.

7- She was sad when they hang on for the first time and discovered that the gaps even in love and sex are very big between two cultures.

However, he asked her to come with him to his home in Barsaloi, deep in Kenya, so she took her second trip inside Kenya with him and some of his friends until they reached his village.

8- Living with the Masai in Barsaloi, sharing their daily lives and becoming part of the community was tough. The authority agent told her that the law does not allow a foreigner to live there and she must get residence permission.

She tried to bribe him. However, he played smart not to take the money while. Well, the fact is that, the bribes and corruption are parts of the official system in Kenya until today. For more information, see Kenya here.

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