The Massai!

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The life of the Massai is very simple. The following movie presents some of it, which in some details is very natural.

The traditional way of living in the Massai areas depends on long experience with the nature of their environment, their customs and their natural understanding to anything goes on in this area.

They keep cooperative relationship in their society in regards to life and death as they have learned from their elders by simple experiences, generation after generation and they have simple work-relation in their environment through which they pay regards to their elders.

They lived long isolating themselves from the development in other parts of the country, paying attention only to their way of living and their traditions and customs.

They symbolize Kenya as fierce warriors, although they are minority in Kenya. The name of their tribes is always being associated with the word Kenya, whenever and wherever it is mentioned.

The following presentations of the White Massai movie enlighten somehow the way they live in the Massai society.

Read excerpts about the movie and watch more of it at the White Massai!

3- She was here with her boyfriend in her first trip before getting to the land where the Masai live in their community.

4- The Masai, Lemalian protected her and her boyfriend from the bad gangs and offered them another favour. She tried here to compensate him and his friend in spite of her boyfriend's unwillingness.

5- She broke with her boyfriend and made her way in a long journey deep in Kenya to find Lemalian. Before doing so, his friends said she could find him if she travelled and met Elizabeth, another woman from Europe who resettled there.

6- She met Elizabeth who told her that it is very difficult to live with the Masai because of their traditions and she advised her to think well about it. Elizabeth obviously did this because of her own personal experiences in the area. The White Massai Movie and the novel, "The White Masai: My Exotic Tale of Love and Adventure".

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