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Oct 23, 2010
Massai Rain's Warriors!
by: Admin

Massai Rain's Warriors!

This arrestingly beautiful adventure shot on the savannahs of Kenya depicts a community's quest to bring rain to their land and ensure their survival.

A band of very young Masai warriors sets out to kill a mystical lion to end a drought that is plaguing their village.

Barely teenagers, the warriors are untested and unskilled, and they are unsure whether the lion actually exists. In addition, if it does exist, will bringing back its mane cure the drought?

Rain in the traditions and customs of the Massai has more than just dances and local (kujoors) to manage the behaviour of the skies.

They acquire their simple knowledge to treat the changes of nature from their ancestors. Daily observation to what happens after such treatments, gives them this simple knowledge.

MASAI: THE RAIN WARRIORS is the debut fictional film of Pascal Plisson, a devoted nature documentarian. It is the first film to be solely populated by real-life Masai and spoken entirely in their native tongue.

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