Caracas, La Casona!

La Casona de Caracas, Venezuela

La Casona de Caracas, Venezuela

La Casona of Caracas is the official residency of the presidents of Venezuela since 1964 in an old refurbished house on Calle 1, at the south of the Transport Museum and is adjacent to Parque del Este or the park of Generalissimo Francisco de Miranda.

It is surrounded in this location by green areas and the outside area offers beautiful views of the mountain at the back. It is south of the airport of Francisco de Miranda.

During his presidency in 1948, the Venezuelan novelist and elected President Romulo Gallegos issued a decree to change this old building to become a residency for the presidents.

However, the rebuilding process was completed in 1966. President Raul Leoni Otero was the first president to be resident in the house after the elections of 1963.

Residencia Presidencial La Casona de Caracas occupies an old place from the 18th century, where a cacao plantation and La Pastora sugar cane plantation lied before.

The building was restored, designed and enlarged by the civil engineer, architect Andres Enrique Betancourt keeping but maintaining the colonial style with the Spanish furniture, the original pillars, the fountains, the courtyards and the ornamental railings.

There are many gardens and patios in the Residencia Presidencial La Casona de Caracas. The rooms in La Casona include the Mayor Hearing Room, Cabinet Room, Sala Andres Bello, Hostess Room, Office of the First Lady, Simon Bolivar Hall, Huntress Diana Hall, Ambassadors Hall, reception halls, dinning room, private areas, chapel, guest area, green areas and other private areas for the public and other visitors.

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La Casona de Caracas, Venezuela
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