Caracas Beautiful Views!

Here are some other beautiful views in Caracas or La Sultana del Avila. This is a third name given to the beautiful Caracas City in addition to its complete name, which is Santiago de Leon de Caracas. The other beautiful places in Caracas are included on this page too.

El Teatro Municipal de Caracas or the Municipal Theatre of Caracas was opened on 1 January 1881 while Guzman Blanco ruled the country.

It lies on Avenida Lecuna, Esquina de Cipreses, in the Municipal del Silencio area, at the back of the crossing area of Avenida Baralt and Avenida Oeste 8. This is one of many theatres in Caracas where operas, plays, ballets, other shows and concerts play.

The Municipal Symphony Orchestra of Caracas has wings in the theatre and many groups such as Venezuela Symphony Orchestra, Opera Metropolitana de Caracas, Opera Marina and Ballet Gala perform in the theatre. In addition, the theatre hosts international music festivals, such as Beethoven Musical Festival.

La Mezquita Ibrahim Ibn Abdul Aziz Al-Ibrahim of Caracas is in the Distrito Capital, or El Recreo District of Caracas, below Avenida Libertador and Calle Real de Quebrada Honda and near at the west of Clegio de Ingenieros.

The fundraiser, Ibrahim Bin Abdul Aziz Foundation provided the fund through the Centro Islamico de Venezuela to build the mosque in 1989, while President Carlos Andres Perez was in office and the civil engineer; architect Zuhe Fayez designed the mosque.

The mosque opened its doors in 1993 and it takes about 3,500 people with a mezzanine for women. La Mezquita Ibrahim Ibn Abdul Aziz Al-Ibrahim of Caracas provides its services to more than 50,000 Muslims in Venezuela. Most of them are from Arabic origins.

It is the second largest mosque in South America after King Fahd Islamic Cultural Centre in Buenos Aires in Argentina, which was constructed in 2000. The mosque occupies an area of 5000 square metres and has a minaret that reaches 113 meters high.

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