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Oct 14, 2010
Villages in North Chios!
by: Admin

Here are many villages in Kardamyla in the map. Hold your mouse while clicking to move the map up, down, left and right. Click on points to search locations or nearby.

It is very interesting that Kampia and Vikio are in one line near each other but here appear two roads to them from the capital Town of Chios, you may take two different roads.

The nature of the northern part of the Island of Chios, which is cragged by peaks, makes it adventurous to visit the villages in that part of the island.

In any other cragged countryside, such nature contributes to the planning of the land-transportation network. If it seems there is no planning in that part of Chios Island, it is because many villages are deserted.

However, the nature is beautiful and fearful as it involves dangers getting through Mount Pelineo, Mount Amani and Mount Oros. Rich nature of pine trees has once covered this area. Some beautiful villages might please visitors. See beautiful villages in Chios.

Which road I should take from Chios Town if I had a car?

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