Visit Scotland without Visa!

Castle-view from Edinburgh, Scotland

Castle-view from Edinburgh, Scotland

I wished I could. Students need entrance permission to Scotland without visa. The visa application online is complicated and not encouraging.

I have been in Edinburgh for 5 days for the first time in my life and I liked it. I have seen some very nice people there, some of which are down to the earth. That was my first impression.

My dad didn't like the entrance visa process, even from the start, when I applied for it and travelled 4 hours to the British Consulate for the entrance visa.

His argument was that, the internet service they provide to arrange the appointment for the visa is poor. Of curse that had happened many times, when we followed the simple process to fill the visa application by entering all the information correctly.

He said the visa application must be simplified and convenient, especially for school students to encourage folk to visit the United Kingdom, instead of making it goes through almost ten pages.

In the seventh page, we found a question to determine the educational course I will attend in the UK. This happened although we have mentioned at the start of the process that the reason for my trip is a 5-day school trip to Scotland with my class in the school.

I wrote the information needed about the city and the country I am travelling from it and the duration of the visit. I also provided the name and the address of the hotel I have booked a room with my class for 5 days.

A lesson I have learned from the online service, is that you can call, request help and pay money for phone advice to get the appointment.

Again, at the appointment, my father couldn't get in with me, as if he might come with a bomb in his pocket. That upsets him until this moment, although he said the procedures are up to them and they have the rights to do any securities.

My dad's friend had the same experience with his daughter in front of the entrance of the British Embassy, although it was raining.

There was no shelter in the neighbourhood, so he stayed on the rain to sing with the Eruption "I Can't Stand the Rain". Why should there be a reception for guests?

From another point, he thought that, by doing so, they are limiting the numbers of tourists from special cultural backgrounds and limiting even their children to think positively about the services they provide and they lack the sense of judging people correct.

It is fact that the foreign presence in the United Kingdom continued to be high in the last decades and the entrance procedures are ratified to limit the numbers of foreigners that came from specific cultural backgrounds.

According to my dad's experiences he had from the past as he told me, schools' trips were prepared by the schools from the start to the end. The schools in the past facilitated the procedures for visas, and the students only paid the money needed for the trips.

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