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Oct 11, 2010
It was Hard Experience Getting to Edinburgh!
by: Anonymous

Before travelling to Edinburgh with my class, I had to get myself a visa. I have lived in Denmark for the last 10 years, as an UN political refugee, who should after ten years get the Danish citizenship, so I cannot understand why I have to get a visa.

Who could believe that! All the UN political refugees have got citizenships in other neighbouring countries in only 3-5 years, but not in Denmark! Even the UN cannot believe this amazing human show. It really hurts!

Anyway, to get a Visa I had to apply on the internet. It took me a lot of time. At the beginning it wouldn't work. My father and I tried several times and we almost gave up too.

I decided to ask my teacher for help. He helped me and we sent the application to the British embassy in Copenhagen. I had the appointment very soon.

My father and I took to Copenhagen and I got in to the British Embassy. They had a really tough security. My father did not come in with me, because they asked me if he had an appointment too. I said no.

In the British Embassy, the security guard took my bag to check what's in it. I had a laptop with me, so he took the laptop, turned it on and turned it off again. I was thinking, "It is not like I could have a bomb in there and forgot it".

I know they are doing it for security, but it was really too much. I heard somebody somewhere while I was telling this experience saying, "They made it from scratch and it now makes them fears their shadows?!"

The security guard took my bag and put it in a closet. The door opened and I came in to the Visa office. I waited a little bit and I finally talked with a girl.

It took a little time and I paid about 700 Kroner. She told me that they would send it after a week. Well, that was nice, although it should not be a process for students especially when they were residents for ten years in Denmark.

Few days after my Visa came with the post. I was happy that I had the Visa now. I can have the visa for only 6 months.

On Monday the 23 August 2010, we travelled to Scotland, Edinburgh. Two other classes travelled with my class. We landed in Edinburgh in the afternoon and we did not have the time to go to the Hotel to put our baggage first.

The Edinburgh Festival 23-26 August 2010 had already begun and we did not want to miss the launch.

We took to the Gospel musical show in the Edinburgh Playhouse and we kept our bags in a room we barrowed from the music house. The Blind Boys of Alabama played the Gospel and it was actually quite interesting.

After The Gospel concert, we went to our hotel, the Smart City Hostel and it was smart for sure. We were seven girls in one room, but we had many beds so that it was not a problem to find a place to sleep.



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