Pearl of Siberia!

People know Lake Baikal as the Pearl of Siberia. The lake has clear blue water and is considered the deepest lake in the world, as it reaches 1637 metres deep at the western edge.

However, the lake or the Pearl of Siberia was more three times deeper than this before 25 million years. It stretches about 636 kilometres from the north to the south and is 60 kilometres wide.

Lake Baikal makes the weather in this area the best weather in Russia. Green cliffs covered by trees surround Lake Baikal, making this area naturally beautiful even behind the lake in the green mountains wilderness.

Although the water in the northern and central parts of the lake is very clear to the standard that the viewers could see the fish below the surface, but he southern part suffers from the industrial pollution of the pulp and paper plant, dumping its effluent into that part of the lake for almost five decades.

Some nature reserves and parks, such as Tunka National Park protect in the southwestern part of the lake protect it.

However, worries in the past have risen that the Khiagda Uranium Plant in Buryatia, the 2000-mile pipeline to China across the southern part of the lake or the Pearl of Siberia and other industrial projects may destroy the natural habitats and the ecosystem of the lake and affect the locals' lives.

Pearl of Siberia
Listvianka, Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia
Bruno Morandi

However, nothing of that has happened so far since the operation of the plant in 2005, and the uranium plant of Khiagda continues to insure producing plenty of uranium by 2012.

Attractive villages such as Listvyanka and prosperous cosmopolitan cities as the beautiful Irkutsk stretch beside the Pearl of Siberia or near it, among them are historical towns on the Selenga Delta.

Irkutsk is at the far edge of the lake and is home to the Russian writer Valentine Rasputin who wrote many of his novels inspired by the Angara Valley and some of his novels plots take place in the Angara Valley. Some of his works are included below.

The Olkon Island is at the west of the delta, Barguzin Valley is at the east and Severobaikalisk region is at the far north.

Valentin Rasputin was born in 1937. He is "one of the Soviet Union's most brilliant writers," according to Bonnie Carey in World Literature Today.

He has always lived and worked in Irkutsk, near Lake Baikal in Siberia, and became known for his realistic depiction of village life and the absence of ideology in his work. In recent decades, parts of Siberia have flourished by mining activities.

"Siberia, Siberia" as non-fiction, accounts of his beloved land and is beautifully descriptive. Margaret Winchell and Gerald Mikkelson translated it into English.

In addition, he wrote Farewell to Matyora and Siberia on Fire.

There are many hotels in the villages and cities on the lake or near it, such as Hotel Gornyak, Hotel Angara, Hotel Solnyshonok, National Park Hostel, Hotel Cherenbas and Hotel Podlemore. See more hotels below.
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