Beautiful Meganissi Islet!

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The beautiful Islet of Meganisi is one of the municipalities of Lefkada Island and part of Lefkada prefecture stretching to some 22 square kilometres at the south-eastern coast of Lefkas Island.

The municipality includes the privately Onassis owned Islet of Skorpios and the Islet of Sparti at the north of it and all together are about 49 square kilometres.

There are more than 1,090 people in the islet making it the largest populated islet among the three inhabited satellite islets of Lefkada.

Meganisi islet's landscape is green and there are deep bays and turquoise water in the pebble beaches. See beautiful beaches in Lefkada Island. It receives visitors coming by yachts from Nydri individually or on excursion boats docking at Porto Spilia.

The beautiful Islet of Meganisi or Meganissi is called previously Meganision or Meganission. Private boats sail to it regularly and ferries link it five times a day to Nidri.

The local bus connects Spartohori and Vathy and it runs six times a day via Katomeri. There are three settlements in beautiful Islet of Meganisi such as Vathy, Spartohori and Katomeri.

Vathy is the second harbour and it has more than 145 inhabitants. Less than one kilometre at the south of it and in the centre of the island is Katomeri village. More than 492 p2opl2 live in Katomeri.

There are laneways and houses with bougainvillea on the plateau of Porto Spilia in Spartohori. More than 453 people live in Spartochori. The islet has a harbour in Atheni Bay for fishing.

Beautiful hotels in the beautiful Islet of Meganisi include Hotel Meganisi, Hotel Esperides and there are some tavernas. See beautiful hotels in Lefkada Island.

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