Beautiful Kefallonia Links!

Here are some pages about the Greek Island of Kefalonia, I have forgotten to include on the home page of the beautiful Ionian island.

* Beautiful Cephalonia Beaches are prepared to enjoy escaping during summer times to Cephallonia Island. Is there any beach that you have enjoyed during vacation among the beautiful Cephalonia beaches?

* Beautiful Elio - Proni Villages - There are some beautiful villages in Elio - Proni Municipality in the Island of Cephalonia on the Ionian Sea. Those beautiful Elio-Proni Villages are on the southeastern corner on the island. Here are some of them and the rest are on the comment link.

* Beautiful Kefalonia Beaches - Here are more than 22 beautiful Kefalonia beaches around the Island of Cephalonia. But, the Blue Flag beautiful beaches in Kefallonia are few. Which beautiful beach in Kefalonia is your favourite?

* Beautiful Kefalonia Hotels - Have you stayed & had good times in some beautiful Kefalonia hotels? Which beautiful hotel you have enjoyed its services in Kefalonia? Choose your beautiful Kefalonia hotel if you plan to travel to it.

* Beautiful Kefallonia Island - The beautiful Kefallonia Island or Kefalonia Island is the sixth largest island in Greece and the first largest island in the Ionian group of islands. Kefallonia Island is beautiful for these reasons ...

* Beautiful Kefallonia Towns - Here are some more beautiful towns in Kefallonia or beautiful Kefallonia towns. Some of those beautiful towns are seats of municipalities in Kefallonia Island or just important beautiful towns.

* Beautiful Kefalonia Towns - Beautiful Kefalonia towns are old towns in the island. Renovation ran in some beautiful towns in Kefallonia Island to keep the essence of the past and to integrate new lifestyle in the beautiful towns.

* Beautiful Kefalonia Villages - Like some beautiful Kefalonia villages? They rebuilt some beautiful villages in the island of Cefalonia and renovated other villages to become beautiful villages in Kefallonia Island.

* Beautiful Lixourian Beaches - The third page about the beautiful Lixourian beaches is necessary to complete the round of the beautiful beaches in Cephallonia Island. There are six beautiful beaches in Lixouri Peninsula.

* Municipalities of Kefalonia - There are eight municipalities of Kefalonia and some communities and settlements. Seven municipalities of Cephalonia are in the Island of Kefalonia and the eighth is the Municipality of Ithaca.

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