Beautiful Aros Museum's Landmark, Boy!

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Landmark Boy - by Ron Mueck, Aros Museum, Aarhus, Denmark

Landmark Boy - by Ron Mueck, Aros Museum, Aarhus, Denmark

Landmark Boy - by Ron Mueck, Aros Museum, Aarhus, Denmark
Landmark Boy - by Ron Mueck, Aros Museum, Aarhus, Denmark 2
Landmark Boy - by Ron Mueck, Aros Museum, Aarhus, Denmark 3
Landmark Boy - by Ron Mueck, Aros Museum, Aarhus, Denmark 4

The beautiful ARoS Museum's Landmark, Boy is indescribable by words.

I wonder, every time I visit ARoS and see this stand alone fine work of unprecedented sculpture in the world that makes you feel, this is a real boy, not only a sophisticated cut of art.

I think people should consider it as wonder of the world and vote for it to be the eighth wonder, because it is a remarkable construction of innovated art.

Am I the first person to call for this consideration?

I shot some pictures of Boy from different angles and I had a desire to touch it to make sure that it does not breathe! The outstanding figure has different looks from those angles.

Boy sits proud in special area at the hall. It is the most beautiful sculpture in a collection of 400 sculptures in the beautiful ARoS Museum.

The architecture of the museum is the main innovative art in its own style. Boy adds to this innovative art marvellous appearance and makes the visitor feel welcomed and prepared to experience a sophisticated presence.

It reveals both the instinct of the creator and the intelligence of the viewer and inoculates the visitors with their own ideas of inordinate revelation.

The first time I visited the beautiful ARoS Museum with the vice projects manager of the Vocational Training Centre, he said to me that he feels quite comfort every time he gets there.

I now understand why the museum is a relieving place for many people who live in continuous depressions since 2001, especially in the Jutland province.

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Boy by Ron Mueck in Aros, Arhus, Denmark.

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