Travel Photos Dos and Donts!

by Khalid

Waterbus, Duabi Emirate

Waterbus, Duabi Emirate

Travel Photos Do's and Don'ts!

Here is how to exchange travel photos with similar websites taking care of the do's and don'ts.

  1. First, check the first top travel sites that exchange photographs from any location in the world through the search tool at the right column.

  2. You can even get beyond the first 10 search-result pages to read the descriptions of those travel photos websites, to ensure they have do's and don'ts. Strong descriptions come affirmative and ensure that the website needs to have some travel photos indexed on that specific category on their websites.

  3. Make sure that they are not link farms and they will never place your links on frames or on pages full of links, glimmering banners, HOTMAIL codes and Java scripts.

  4. Check the page rank of the website to ensure that the page performs well at the search engines and that ensure the website has good presence on those search engines.

  5. Do not interact with websites if you read instructions to submit your link by e-mail after placing their link on your website. There should be clear forms to submit your link and then maybe a filter on that form to tell them where you have placed their link.

  6. Always, ensure that they will look at your submission and post the link to your travel photos within 24 hrs. If you were patient, you could wait one week and then check your link on those websites.

  7. You should have strong website building, optimizing and tracking to track your links, like the following performance tracking tools.

  8. Do not accept so many kinds of links on those relevant pages on your website. Keep the page focused on the relevant topic, with few links at maximum of 10 relevant links.

  9. Ensure that the travel photos links come with good relevant descriptions. If you could not find enough descriptions, you can add your own words about the websites with relevant words to the topic of the pages.

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Waves Crashing on the Beach, Sunset Beach, Oahu, Hawaii, USA
Waves Crashing on the Beach, Sunset Beach, Oahu, Hawaii, USA
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Palm Tree on the Beach, French Polynesia
Palm Tree on the Beach, French Polynesia
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