Distance from the Sea!

by Pratishtha
(Aligarth, Uttar Pradesh, India)

Once I was traveling in Mumbai when I took my slippers off and kept my foot on the ground. I felt very hot. So, I asked my mother, "Why is it so, mamma?"

She told me, "Land heats up and cools down faster than water. Places like Chennai, etc..., which are closer to the sea are neither very hot nor very cold".

In summer the cool sea breeze brings down the temperature of the surrounding area. In winter, the sea is warmer than the land. So, the warm breeze from the sea raises the temperature of the places along the coast.

Comments on Good Entry

* Pratishtha wrote from Aligarth, Uttar Pradesh, India the lines you read above. Thanks, Pratishtha. I really heart it. What about your own city? You know of course many facts about it. Could you write about it and upload pictures from it?

I would be glad to read about it. All I know is that Aligarth city is in a district by the same name and it is the administrative seat or headquarters for that district, which lies in the Indian State of Uttar Pradesh in the northern part of India.

* Readers, are you from the Aligarth city?

Write good information about it, or about Any Beautiful City you know in India, upload pictures from it and get some good ebooks to read, when you submit the form. Read also about another beautiful place in India at Gujarat.

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