Close to the River De IJssel, Netherlands!

by Ester
(The Netherlands, Olburgen)

I live close to the river called De IJssel. In the wintertime wild geese fly from Eastern countries (Russia, ect) to the Netherlands here.

All fields are covered with geese, night and day you hear them loudly fly over. De transformation in the air they are easy to follow, after a few seconds they will take over the place and fly in a V-shape over you.

Olburgen is close to the river called The IJssel.

In the summer, many tourists come this way. Het town itself recently celebrated the 1000 birthday and it is covered mainly by farmlands.

- Thanks for your nice comment.

Olburgen is one of the small villages in the Dutch town, Bronckhorst.

The River IJssel flows from Westervoort at the east of Amhem city. Holland's IJssel is a branch of the Rhine delta at the point that flows west from Nieuwegein. There is a lake by the name IJssel Lake too. In western Netherlands, the town of Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel was a municipality in the west of Holland with a population over 23,000 people.

If you live on these places, please write more information for people to know about them. This ell let people know about your beautiful location in the Netherlands. It is a benefit to your land.

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