Beautiful Scene 3!

Welcome to the third edition of the 100 Beautiful Scene Newsletter. I hope you enjoy reading this newsletter and interact with the website to read more and write about your city of birth or your city of residence.

New readers can read the five introductory paragraphs at Beautiful Scene 1 here.

In this Edition of the 100 Beautiful Scene 3:

  • Read New Published Pages at the Blog!

  • Skopelos Opens the Gates of the Wind!

  • Inspirational Quote: Wisdom of Love!

  • Interact with Your Friends!

  • How to Join the Network to Interact with Your Friends?

  • Twitter Updates are Important!

  • Beautiful Pictures from the Greek Islands!

Read New Published Pages at the Blog!

Since the last edition of the Beautiful Scene Newsletter, in the last month until now, I found myself inspired by some topics about Greece.

Therefore, you will see many pages about many beautiful places in Greece all of which you can read from the 100 Beautiful Sites Blog.

Many of those beautiful places in Greece are islands on the Aegean Sea, which is a rich area by islands, underwater beauty and marine resources.

Many of those Aegean Greek Islands have prestige in the Greek historical presence and they reflect the Ancient Greek Culture in the region and enrich the modern Greek culture by developing unique styles of living among the Mediterranean cultural rhythm.

In addition, those islands became the important destination for tourism in Europe to follow seasonal direction to the Beautiful Greek Islands in waves that may exceed the tourism waves to the Bahamas, Zahara de la Sierra in Spain or Paris, the capital city of France or the beautiful Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

I wish you good reading through these links, the Beautiful Scene 3 and the blog, which is linked above about those beautiful Greek islands by names, such as the Island of Andros, the Island of Antiparos, the Island of Paros, the Island of Santorini and the Island of Naxos.

Skopelos Opens the Gates of the Wind!

Scattered in a crescent in the sparkling waters of the Aegean, the islands of the Sporades are known to Greek fishermen as "the gates of the wind." It was to this unspoilt archipelago that Michael Carroll sailed.

However, his dream of travelling where the wind took him, changed when he landed on Skopelos. There, a chance meeting with the charismatic Vangeli led to him buying a piece of land on a remote cove, once the site of an ancient city and the perfect harbour for Astarte.

So unfolds the story of Carroll's growing attachment to Skopelos as he sets down roots and makes it his home. Engaging and vividly described, An Island in Greece is a sun-drenched tale of a life full of simple pleasures, governed by the seasons, the tides and the wind; the story of a traveller who finally arrived there and a unique homage to the island that harboured him.

The author of this book, Michael Carroll was born in England in 1935. He was educated at Harrow and Cambridge. He is the author of "From a Persian Tea House", an account of his travels in Iran.

An Island in Greece: On the Shores of Skopelos

Treat this as a good source of the Beautiful Scene 3.

Inspirational Quote: Wisdom of Love!

"Do not keep wooing a woman, especially if she was Greek! Keep wowing her! She will drop her honey to moisturize your throat and hers."

Khalid Osman's proverb.

Interact with Your Friends!

Here at Beautiful Scene 3, I wonder why people waste time chatting while they can do more than just chatting and acquire more knowledge about things that interest them!

Everyone nowadays is mad of facebook, except me! I really dislike it, although I am using it. But, frankly I am not fond and will not waste my time there. If you were in business, you will find it a waste of time.

Interaction with friends should be more useful than collecting personal information and submitting it to third parties. This is not good for politicians. So, spread your legs as your destination takes. Messengers are more better for chatting. This is the best advice we have at Beautiful Scene 3.

Twitter Updates are Important!

In addition to Beautiful Scene 3, updates to the 100 Beautiful Sites in the World, Twitter follow the entire network I built online. The follow-ups are updates to this network, so you can subscribe to it easily and be my friend at this good service.

How to Join the Network to Interact with Your Friends?

Well, this is important column in Beautiful Scene 3. Chatting in this network is useful because it is about knowledge. It is not normal chatting. However, we could do that too using our messengers. Right?

The user interface is made for special friends to interact with the 100 Beautiful Sites in the World and write about the city of birth and the city of residence for each user. The user could of course write about any city she or he had been living in it as well.

Other friends could ask each other about anything in that city. Then the other friend will reply to make this interaction knowledgeable and enjoyable.

Since some friends are now far away from each other, they could interact and write to each other about their new residences.

Here is the User Interface that is made for your pleasure. You can forward it and the Beautiful Scene 3 to your friends from Forward 100 Beautiful Cities, and share it too...

Beautiful Pictures from the Greek Islands!

Beautiful Scene 3 presents collection of beautiful pictures from some Greek islands! This is a mini exhibition on this edition of the Beautiful Scene Newsletter.

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