Beautiful Google Places!

I have not any wonder about the beautiful "Google places". However, there is something very interesting here about the 100 beautiful sights in the world.

While working hard and of course thinking hard of improvement, I thought of connecting people with places they love or as you read in many pages online write about the city of birth or the city of residence.

While doing a search, I stumbled upon one Google page about places and read at the same time the description that goes with it and makes me wonder.

It seems that Google just goes after many things in the world to add to its primary mission, that the company was established to achieve.

The first target of the beautiful "Google places" page is for users and web surfers to rate and share beautiful places on Google.

The second target that comes with the money is for businesses to get their businesses found on Google, through Google beautiful places.

Not only that, but Google offers what they call the ultimate pocket guide right on your phone by downloading the beautiful Google places app for Android and iPhone.

Well, it is good for Google and for us too, small people, as we could add their news about those places to our websites. But hey, who makes the billion dollars? I want just a bite from the head of that fish ;-)

Tell me what you think about this development on Google beautiful places and the tortoise development of the 1.000.000 beautiful sights in the world.

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Tropical Lagoon Waters, Aitutaki, Southern Group, Cook Islands
Tropical Lagoon Waters, Aitutaki, Southern Group, Cook Islands
Peter Hendrie
Get posters to make your site beautiful

Waikiki Beach, Honolulu, HI
Waikiki Beach, Honolulu, HI
Dave Bartruff
Get posters to make your site beautiful

Shakira's Hips Did Not Tell Lies in South Africa! -- When you watch the video, see beautiful places in the entire South African region such as Cape Floral Region in South Africa, Lilongwe District in Malawi, Madagascar in Madagascar, Naukluft Park in Namibia and Okavango Delta in Botswana.

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Bean, Cloud Gate by the Indian Architect Anish Kapoor at the Millennium Park, Chicago.

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Boy by Ron Mueck in Aros, Arhus, Denmark.

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Sphinx, Egypt 100 Beautiful Sites

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Navajo Reserve Monument Vally, Utah.

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Salt Lake City, Utah, American Wild West.

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Saint Louis Gateway Arch, Major Port, Mississippi River, Louisiana.
View from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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