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The User Interface is a page for friends to interact and chat with each other. They can upload pictures, chat, and decide whether they want to keep chats between them or publish some of their chats and pictures.

Users have strong security tools to use to interact privately here. However, they have also strong tools to get their contributions published on this network.

This is special website about any beautiful sites in the world. So, it is obviously that in addition to provide good information about those beautiful sites in the world, the intention is to help you write about your city of birth or your city of residence.

The user interface helps you organize your writing about your beautiful city, add comments, upload beautiful picture and even videos, invite your to comment on your activities here and more than all of this. You friends might also do the same and here we all will get useful information to read about beautiful locations in the world.

The user interface also introduces some useful sources to you whenever you do any activity here and from those useful sources, you will learn more and discover ways to enhance your living. This means that, when you became our friend, you will get many useful ideas to use to develop your life.

Some people use other social network to waste their time, while you will actually use your time correct here engaging with your friends through useful comments about useful things and sharing good information with them without having to expose yourself to hundred emails that tell you to signup to connect with your friends or to accept new friends.

You need to use the form on this page to be a member and then receive the password to your special User Interface to chat with your friends.

Chats will always be secure unless you decide to publish some of them in regards to some useful information about your city or comments you want to go public.

You decide the way you want to use this network.

The best useful way to get your friends to your user interface is to Forward 100 Beautiful Cities to them through the form on this link.

Let them begin with this page, register and they will receive the password to interact with you.

Type the following webpage address in the big box in the form with your message:

I will forward your message you wrote in that form to them and help them with some instructions.

Now use this form to request membership using the secure user interface, follow the message on the Thank You page, request educational e-courses or download useful e-books and then check your email for a message with your password.

Secure User Interface!

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