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About us is in fact about me (although I refer to my dad sometimes) and how I started to work on this website, while I am a university student. I do not know so much of the world of businesses online and I am concentrating on my university studies right now.

This is also a family story. My dad has built the 100 Beautiful Sites in the World and then forwarded it to me to encourage me to learn how I could convert my passion and knowledge to something that has many fruits.

He wanted me to plant some beautiful fruits in this garden, so I could get good harvest and enjoy my life, when I graduate.

My dad also whisper into my ears that having to plant these fruits and grow them is more better than to work for a company, or somebody else.

He means that I will own my own life, be my own chief and decide whatever I want, work whenever I want and just grow a good family that carry on the same route.

So, this is not a business, literally. It is not a company, by this specific term, either. It is only a passion I want to carry on and develop, while I am still in the university, although I have not much time for it.

But, the challenge deserves great involvement. I am sure that the principle of growing any profession is so correct and this is what you could learn from "about us". It becomes about you in fact, if you were in my shoes.

I see many of my friends waste their time chatting. It is just a norm some young people think that the internet is only for surfing for fun in different ways, getting their families and friends in social media, playing, chatting and spending good time online with each other.

I don't consider that is a good life, although we need to do this sometimes. But, it is not essential for building and developing anything to make life better. However, it works only when we could make a balance to such activities with what we do about us, or about anything that could help others improve their lives.

It is waste of time, if we engaged on these activities online for a long time and make them the core of our lives.

Considering this issue, I think that my dad has created and catered a good online environment for me to continue its growth, so it could stand solid online and throw its fruits fast to make my life better.

But, this couldn't be done without having my dad discovering the students universe online earlier, even before it started and read about how this universe makes their lives better, while they are carrying their high schools or high studies.

Since I love some beautiful places in the world and know about them, as I watch best TV movies, series and shows, he referred me to that universe, so I could get the wisdom, which I did.

That students universe online is amazing and inspiring at the same time. I got the inhalation I needed to relax, think purely and clarify my thoughts to continue building my own universe (not only this page about us) online on this network. My dad is still monitoring my steps, so I could walk right into this universe.

I will not change the pages my dad has built. That would be just like spoiling hard efforts. But, I will continue from where he left on this website and also hear him and have his blessing to succeed in this job.

I am grateful that my dad has brought me up well and I love him so much. Could a daughter marry her dad? He is so cute to the right point that he could beat George Clooney.

I know that many dads do well to nurture their children and always burn like candles to light their way, so they could succeed and live happy. In fact, my dad has sacrificed his own life for me.

Have you discovered something about you from "about us"?

Now, I am here with you at "about us" to bring you some exciting places and absolutely more than 100 beautiful sights in the world combined with other relevant facts about them to enjoy reading. You could be part of this bee hive.


* All that you may want to do is to let me know more about your city of birth, or about your city of residence, or any other city you like in the world and upload pictures from it.

* You can also do more, such as liking, tweeting, sharing with your social media network, following and pinning the pictures you see on this network. Do what you want to do and engage in any of the activities I mentioned here. My blessing.

Do you want to get some knowledge about the website tools I use to empower this network?

There are small images on about us and other pages in which you can read "Empowered by…". So, you could visit and read these tools to make your life toll. You could be famous more than Ernest Hemingway.

Here is where the wisdom of the students universe comes from.


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Bean, Cloud Gate by the Indian Architect Anish Kapoor at the Millennium Park, Chicago.

What makes a place beautiful?

A beautiful place loses its beauty if the people were not so beautiful. Beautiful people make their place beautiful. Hard people make their place hard and careless people make their place ugly! (1) Is it only you that makes the place beautiful? (2) Answer at Any Beautiful City.

Boy by Ron Mueck in Aros, Arhus, Denmark.

Best Travel Offers to Beautiful Places in the World!

There are many cheap traveling packages to different places in the world. I expect to see many of them here. But, it is absolutely good idea to investigate each opportunity, carefully, compare prices and then decide to take the best opportunity and fly with it.

Sphinx, Egypt 100 Beautiful Sites

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Navajo Reserve Monument Vally, Utah.

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Salt Lake City, Utah, American Wild West.

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Saint Louis Gateway Arch, Major Port, Mississippi River, Louisiana.
View from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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